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COVID-19 Updates

Dear Friends,

We have all had quite the adventure this Spring. Most of the Pet Homes Plus team has been truly blessed with good health, and we have not had anyone diagnosed with the corona virus. I love all the sweet emails and letters from customers. This morning, I had a TV show call me and ask what was the #1 thing that stood out about Pet Homes Plus? A unique product? Unique customers? My answer was, I have the most amazing co-workers in the world. They are what makes Pet Homes Plus truly special. They would all have jobs without me, but Pet Homes Plus wouldn’t be Pet Homes Plus without them.

Update on Pet Homes Plus shipping:

We are still shipping most in stock orders within 1-3 days. Last week 20% went out the same day, 17% one day later and 26% were shipped more than 3 days later, but that number includes back orders and new pet items that were held until the following Monday.

Back orders continue to be a challenge. We are making an effort everyday to reach out to vendors and check on their status. We are also working on systems to answer your questions as quickly as possible. My “no cell-phone rule at the dinner table” as been temporarily suspended at our house so I can respond quickly when an operator has a question. Our specialists are all monitoring the questions the operators have when they are not pulling orders in the warehouse. I love suggestions, and feel free to email me with any suggestions or questions.

Kindest Regards


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