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Mosquitos Bite your loved Pets

Mosquitos Bite your loved Pets

The warmer weather brings out all the pesky bugs including annoying mosquitoes! Your pets can be bitten by mozzies too and mozzies can spread dreaded heartworm.

When an infected mosquito bites your pet, it injects heartworm larvae (microfilaria) into the bloodstream. In dogs, these microfilaria make their way to the heart, where they mature and grow.

It's a little different in cats - their immune system often attacks the microfilaria before they get a chance to mature into an adult worm. There have been positive heartworm cases in cats seen in Australia but not as many as in dogs.

Indoor-only animals are also still at risk of getting heartworm. Ask our staff about the annual heartworm injection to protect your dogs against heartworm disease.

Dear Friends of our greatest pets and Vet Clinics

Did you know that heartworm is spread by mosquitoes?

Heartworm prevention is a very important part of your pet’s health program. We often hear people say that Heartworm is only found in tropical areas, which is not entirely true as it is found across the country including our major cities!

Remember prevention is better than cure.

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