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Keeping your Pet Cool this Summer ūüĆě

Keeping your Pet Cool this Summer ūüĆě

Dear Friends,

Summertime is Here

Summertime + Australia = fun in the sun!

Much of your time will be spent outdoors during the summer months ‚Äď swimming, fishing, picnics, BBQ‚Äôs and fun in the sun with your family, friends and furry‚Äôs. Just like many of us feel the very hot days, so do our pets and that is why it is so important to keep pets cool to avoid over heating or heat stroke.

Signs of heat stroke include excessive panting, vomiting and diarrhoea, excess salivation, inability to stand, seizures and even becoming unconscious. If you think your pet is suffering from heat stroke and it has any of the symptoms described here, then please call us immediately.

However, prevention is always better than cure so below a few ‚Äėcool‚Äô ideas to keep your pet cool and comfortable this summer:¬†

  • Ensure that your pet has lots of fresh water available
  • Check that their water container is in the shade
  • Consider a little paddling pool for your dog. A kid ‚Äėclam pool‚Äô is a great idea
  • Make ice block treats. Simply fill a plastic cup or zip-top bag with water ‚Äď toss in some liver treats or kibble and freeze. Once frozen, remove from cup/bag for a refreshing treat.
  • Fill a Kong toy with treats and freeze
  • Provide your pets with cool places to rest if they must be outdoors on very hot days
  • Try to walk in the cool of the morning or evening. This will also help prevent burnt paws
  • A trip to the beach or river can be a lovely cooling treat for your dog but check that the sand is not too hot for their paws and that they have the appropriate gear if you take them on boats or canoes
  • Use pet-safe sunscreen, especially if your pet has white skin, noses or ears
  • Keep your pet's coat well brushed and/or clipped short to ensure they remain cool
Never leave your pet in a closed car, dogs can overheat and die in hot cars!

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